Holiday in Garmisch-Partenkirchen – at home in the Fiakerhof

Fiakerhof – the romantic country retreat with 9 apartments in the centre of Partenkirchen.
Popular for many years now, Fiakerhof of course remains bookable in the future.
This is where the Ehrhardts are from.

They are deeply rooted in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and have been for a long time.
You can tell by the fact that they know it inside out, yet still have an eye for the beauty that surrounds it. The family’s ties to this small place on earth are also recognizable by the fact that the Fiakerhof is one of the few properties to have a house name. “Zum Schweizer” is written above the small, almost private entrance and reminds of the farmhouse’s history. It is right through this door that you enter the Fiakerhof, which has been owned by the family for generations.
Behind it there is a small reception waiting for you as well as a happy laugh.
From the first moment you will feel welcome here and a short time later you’ll feel at home. Because also with the apartments of Fiakerhof Monika Erhardt has created something unique. Different from Werdenfelserei but at the same time very similar in one aspect:
From the first moment on you feel welcome.

All further information can be found on our Fiakerhof website!

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