Nearly everything in the Werdenfelserei is made from natural products – from the furniture to the culinary creations. Discover how the philosophy behind our Solid Wood Hotel translates into practice. Draw strength and tranquillity from the natural materials in and around the Werdenfelserei.

FamilY Erhardt has a story to tell…

The Werdenfelserei is the first solid wood hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.


Preserving the beauty of the wonderful landscape and consciously taking responsibility for people and the environment – also and especially for future generations – that’s what motivated us! Not only ecological standards, but also ethical values and social responsibility are among the principles of our corporate management.


Our holistic approach to sustainability includes the restaurant: we use as many regional products as possible, our attention being on the quality as well as appropriate rearing. The same goes for our wine list: the focus is on german wine, for example from Rheinhessen, Franconia or Baden.

Anreise im Boutique Hotel Garmisch


Sustainability is one of the most important topics of our time and, obviously, very close to our hearts. Even back when the dream of Werdenfelserei only existed in our heads, we were already thinking about how we could realize a resource-efficient hotel. In order to keep energy consumption low today and in the future, we have opted for renewable forms of energy.

For our guests interested in sustainability, we have listed a few technical details here: An energy-efficient house according to the KfW55 standard was our sustainable goal when planning. Today, the entire house runs on green electricity supplied by our town. We also generate electricity with our own photovoltaic system (95,8 KWp), which is used entirely for our own consumption. Of course, our guests also want to stay warm – we heat using district heating from the regional biogas plant of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We can counteract energy losses through several sub-centers. For heat recovery, we use waste heat from refrigeration technology. We can also recover heat from all central ventilation units. The entire hotel is controlled by a central building control system. The result: The energy balance shows around 40 percent heating cost savings compared to conventional hotels of this size. A result that brings us sustainable happiness.


We offer our guests a special service: In line with our sustainability concept, you will find sufficient e-charging stations in the Werdenfelserei. We have a total of 12 charging points, which can be easily charged via credit card, and one Tesla charging station. With this, you can conveniently charge your car at any time while relaxing in the wellness area or your suite/studio.