What’s important to us

The Werdenfelserei is an extraordinary mix. It’s where the penthouse takes your breath away and where you float in a rooftop pool overlooking Zugspitze.

You will find an upside down tree as well as people who like working here and who are intent on spoiling you through and through.

For all its exclusiveness and the unconventional things you can encounter here,

Werdenfelserei still feels like home.

This is ensured by the Erhardt family and their employees who will do everything in their power to give their guests a good time. These are people who stay true to themselves and enjoy what they do. This way, a sense of belonging is created for the time spent in the Werdenfelserei. And that’s the whole secret.


We have collected further insights into our house and the values of the Werdenfelserei for our guests in the new image brochure.

Image Brochure