Monika Erhardt. She is the creator, the designer, the one who likes change, who faces new challenges and enjoys growing with them. Behind it all is a natural curiosity, the enthusiasm to take something into one’s own hands and to have the freedom to shape it according to one’s own standards.
Just like the Werdenfelserei: To move in unconventional ways on an international scale while feeling the warmth of a family that loves to host.



                   Franz Erhardt. He keeps an eye on the numbers, thinks economically, is the technical talent of the family. But also the one who is happy to drive guests in his carriage, because he likes to chat with them, to listen to their stories, to answer their questions. Actually he likes nothing better than to rave about the place he grew up in. And then there are his horses, which he looks after very well because they work hard. And because they have been by his side since childhood.

Barbara Erhardt. She is the one who studied tourism, well-travelled and cosmopolitan. When the idea for the Werdenfelserei came up, she was immediately intrigued, bringing in many ideas and even more dedication. It’s her goal to create a place with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, where guests and staff both feel at ease. A place where people are attached to their roots and home-loving, appreciating the region and its nature, but at the same time opening the door to new and unusual things.

Katharina Erhardt. She is the baby of the family, but should not be underestimated. She is returning from the big city to bring youthful vigor and ease into this undertaking. Through her talent for approaching challenges with both courage and calmness, she is the link between heart and reason. She wants to create a place where guests can relax and employees feel good.
She is the voice of reason in the family.