The Werdenfelserei has created a wellness area over two floors: a place of total relaxation. On the one hand, it‘s the architecture that brings a relaxed chalet atmosphere due to its openness and fantastic view of the Garmisch mountains. On the other hand, it is the wood that lines the entire room up to the roof and ensures a natural coziness.

Infinity Pool in der Werdenfelserei
Beautybereich im Wellnesshotel Garmisch

The Werdenfelserei has succeeded in uniting apparent contradictions. Spaciousness and openness alternate with snug niches and retreats that offer homely privacy. The fireplace lounge with a view of the crackling fire also provides a feel-good atmosphere.

Wellnessliegen für Zwei, Wellnessliegen für Paare, Romantikhotel Garmisch


The heated outdoor pool with its 70m², high up on the roof terrace, offers enough space for swimming. Unless, of course, you are so impressed by the view of Germany’s highest mountain that you prefer to rest on one of the cozy daybeds or lounge chairs and enjoy the sunny side of life.

Finnish sauna with 90° C (194° F) – bio sauna with 65° C (149° F) – steam bath – infrared cabins

Our two saunas are a textile-free zone. Steam bath, infrared cabins, pool, and the entire rest area are used clothed.

Wellnessbereich mit Liegen in einer Raum mit offenen Giebel und Blick auf verschneite Berge
Spa Lounge mit großem Fenster und Blick auf verschneite Winterlandschaft


Our massages and cosmetic treatments provide deep relaxation. Our spa offer is characterized by a lot of naturalness. From the design of the treatment rooms, with lots of wood and a view of the mountains, to natural cosmetics and the experienced touch of our well-trained spa staff.
Experience the heavenly sensation of well-being during a soothing treatment!

Speaking of nature
Of course, there is also a fitness room that is small but nice. Here you will not find a treadmill, bike, weights, or other equipment – here you train your muscles with your own body weight – this is once again a natural approach, in keeping with the concept of the Werdenfelserei.
Instead of lingering in the fitness room, why not take advantage of the beauty of nature? Hike over mountain ridges, climb to the summit, ride a bike, practice yoga, just be active, and enjoy life. Join people with similar interests, explore the mountains with a fitness trainer, or set off on your own. Just enjoy nature.

Massage im Wellnesshotel Garmisch

The Michael-Ende-Park right next door offers:

  • Water lily pond with enough space to chill, read, dream
  • Luna yoga & morning exercises
  • Historic outdoor bowling alley
  • Barefoot path to the Kneipp basin
  • Kneipp facility with water wheel
  • Creek & herb garden
  • Concert pavilion with changing concerts from May to October
  • Museum with Michael Ende exhibition
  • Congress house
  • Amphitheater
  • Old trees, colorful flower beds and much more …

By the way, to the congress center and the pedestrian zone it’s just a short walk through the park.

Michael-Ende-Kurpark Schild