Wine & Dine

Dry, semi-dry or sweet? The world of wine is vast. In the winter months, we invite all friends of good taste to our Wine & Dine. Here you can explore excellent wines during a 4-course meal.

At the WINZER DINNER at the Werdenfelserei, you not only have the opportunity to taste exquisite wines, but you can also talk to the winemakers about the history and secrets of the different wineries and learn more about your new favorites. Enjoy an evening of culinary explosions!

Reserve now online or by phone at +49 8821 6869390. The Wine & Dine event can be booked by hotel guests as well as external guests, with prior reservation.

Dates 2024

19.04.2024 | Winery Manz

》6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
4-course meal
》taste a variety of s
elected wines
》Grander Water still/sparkling
meet and talk to the winemakers
》learn more about the history and secrets of winemaking
》enjoy an evening of good food and good company

98,00 EUR per person

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