The Hutessen is the perfect alternative to raclette and the like and one thing is certain: at the Hutessen in the Werdenfelserei you can expect a delicious and tasty meal.

As a starter, we serve everyone a fresh, crunchy wild herb salad bowl and warm bread in different varieties as a side dish. An iron hat is then placed in the middle of the table and heated. Finely marinated, tender fillet of country pork and Werdenfelser beef is served. These slices of meat can now be left to sizzle on the hot hat for as long as you like – short, medium or well done. While the meat sizzles away, the beef stock with finely chopped julienne vegetables simmers in the brim of the hat. The longer the pieces of meat are grilled on the hat, the stronger and more intense the soup becomes. Various homemade dips and sauces to accompany the meat, as well as delicious mashed potatoes, rosemary potatoes and grilled vegetables round off this culinary feast. Afterwards we recommend a sweet finish from the menu.

By reservation only. Also for groups, or from 2 persons.

Book your table online now or simply give us a call on +49 8821 6869390.

    》from 2 persons
    》only with prior reservation

    39,00 EUR per Person

    Culinary highlights